The main aim of this blog is to have a kind of private knowledge base, which I do hope you will find useful too, dear Readers! Human memory is elusive, thus in the extremely fast changing and data-driven world, having a place to store outcomes of the work, findings and results of investigations or troubleshooting is very practical. The blog is to serve as my best practice sharing platform so neither you nor me won’t have to reinvent the wheel in case similar situations are encountered.



My name is Szymon Skorupinski and currently I’m Senior Database Engineer at Trivadis in Switzerland. I have over 13 years of professional experience in working with highly complex IT environments at every stage of their lifecycle and performing different functions, from purely technical ones, to recruiting and managing team of database engineers. Experience and expertise in many operating systems, storage platforms, enterprise backup and clustering products, along with working programming and scripting knowledge, help me to fully understand and efficiently troubleshoot administered environments. I’m passionate about Oracle Database, but also interested in cybersecurity, Big Data/NoSQL solutions and broadly defined Data Science.

Enjoy reading!